Best Basketball Video Games For PS3

The feeling of being a part of basketball, dribbling the ball along the court is immensely exciting. However very few are capable of playing in reality. The video game consoles come to play a part in this scenario, granting the user the ability to virtually be a part of the game.

There is not a wide variety of basketball video games however. All of the basketball video games ps3 are under the license of Visual Concepts and are launched as a series of NBA 2KXX options annually. Luckily, you can bet on NBA games these days which is a major plus.

NBA 2K12

Released in the October 2011 for PS2 as well as PS3, NBA2K12 continues the ever famous NBA videogame series. It was the first B-Ball style option to introduce the ability to control famous celebrities as they play. This version is considered the best of the series for the easy playing style.

NBA 2K13

Released in the October 2012 for PS3, this game was published by 2k Sports. NBA2K13 offers an improved AI environment, pleasant experience and wonderful shooting controls. Adding the spice to the game is the accurate commentary, precise animations and role playing as a part of the super star teams.

NBA 2K14

NBA2K14 has been released for the PS4 as well as PS3 in the October 2013, and both present themselves as a masterpiece of basketball video options. Considering the basketball video games PS3, NBA2K14 takes the virtual experience one step further by skillfully capturing the spirit of the game.